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4 07 2011

let me start by pointing out that i have ADHD and something called mixed dominance which, I was told, is somehow related to dyslexia. I am a strong believer in “ADHD is a wonderful thing, as long as you can control the negatives. this is how i try to raise my children that have ADHD also. i don’t know how to say this, so i will just say it. i couldn’t begin to accomplish many of things that i do with having these “issues”.

the reason that i am contacting you is because i have been trying to write (and publish) a sefer for years. i finally decided to post my D’var Torahs online for feedback. i came across your site because i had just posted a number of D’var Torahs regarding Modeh Ani and I wanted to see who else was doing them same.

if you think that your readers would be interested, you can link to what is on my site. i also have a D’var Torah regarding She’Asani Keertzono (called “Thank you, Hashem, for not making me a woman”). in spite of its name, it speaks highly of women.

if you would like something on the lighter side, i have a humor category.

I hope that you will read some of what I have done and let me know what you think.

May HaShem grant you a Refuah Shelaymah.

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