Study about prayer and mental health seeking Jews

28 07 2013

I am sorry that it’s been so long since I last posted something here. As those of you who have friended me on Facebook know, life continues to be something of a struggle due to depression and anxiety. I am not in crisis, but have embarked (or continued) on a journey of learning how to love myself and create a self-validating environment for the first time in my life. The support that I have received from all of you has been invaluable.

I am only breaking radio silence at the moment to share this request, which I received from Refa’enu, a community/listserv about Judaism and mental health [Facebook; Yahoo listserv; Twitter]. I thought that some of you might want to participate.


I am collaborating with a laboratory at the University of Louisville, Kentucky on a novel study about prayer and well-being, and we are looking to recruit 200 Jewish participants. So far we only have 170, so we am looking for 30 more Jewish adults (18 years or older) from anywhere on planet earth to complete a 20-25 minute on-line survey.

What’s new about this research, you may ask? Well, previous studies have linked private prayer to mental health and wellbeing, however it remains unclear why this is the case – in other words, the mechanisms by which prayer may impact health (or vice versa) have not been adequately studied. A second limitation is that most research in this area has focused exclusively within the Christian faith, whereas this study is recruiting other religious groups as well.

Please consider participating in this study – it should take fewer than 20 minutes of your time. To access the survey, simply click here:

As well, please do pass this email along to others whom may be willing/able to participate. The success of this study is dependent on the worldwide Jewish community!

With appreciation,
David H. Rosmarin, Ph.D.