Morning ritual

25 03 2010
morning ritual

Morning Ritual

Since I posted my snow photos, I’ve been more interested in sharing some of my visual artwork.

In that vein, here is my first offering. I dumped my morning pharmaceuticals out on the Talmud that I was studying, since it was easier to take them that way, rather than straight out of the little compartment in my pill box. When I looked down at them, I thought it was striking. The way the words get distorted by the fish oil capsule; the anti-depressants splayed out randomly across the words “חשוב” (“important”) and “חמור” (which can mean “serious,” although in this case, I think it means “donkey”) and “לא מצי” (“not found”).

I like this image too much to watermark it. I hope that people respect that and don’t claim it as their own.

Wishing all of my readers a happy, healthy, and especially liberating Passover, and hoping that I get to post some of my thoughts on that holiday either before or during it.


Link: “Purim and the New Psychology of Happiness”

10 03 2010

It’s a bit after Purim, but I thought that this post was interesting and worth sharing.

I have a very hard time “forcing” happiness, and it’s in quotes because I’m not sure it’s possible. Likewise, I have difficulty with the times of the year that Judaism specifically tells us to be happy. The post, however, is interesting and thought-provoking even for me, predisposed to disagree.